5 Minute Banana Ice-Cream!

All you need are some frozen pieces of these….


One of these…..



And voila you’ll end up with Banana Ice-Cream!


OK my photography skills aren’t the best but if you are looking for an instant hit either for you, your kids or for friends/family then this is the one to serve up!

And it’s perfect if you’ve got a few banana’s going black in the fruit bowl. So no longer throw them out, use them for this quick and easy pudding.

Banana Ice-Cream!

Blended banana’s are a perfect Vegan alternative to dairy ice-cream. Why? Because banana’s have a natural sugar and less water, they provide the perfect consistency for this kind of desert – once blended of course!

So how do you make it?


You’ll need 3 very ripe banana’s (the more ripe they are the more tasty they become). Chop them up into 1 inch pieces.  Then place them into a sealed freezer safe container and leave them to freeze overnight.   One frozen, take them out and let them stand for a few minutes just so they soften a little (well that’s what I had to do due to my blender not quite taken the force of completely solid banana’s). Place them into the blender and then whiz away!  You’ll have to keep pushing the banana back down the sides of the blender, but after about 5 mins or so you’ll have a nice ice-cream looking dessert! (just so you know I served mine up a little bit lumpy, but you can blitz away til your hearts content!)

Pop them into a bowl and eat!

You could also add some little extra’s to the bowl if you so wish. Like raisins, coconut, apricots or some sprinkles. Treat it just like you are having dairy ice-cream, but you’re being a bit more thoughtful about the environment and compassionate about animals…….


Paula x

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