Jam Doughnut Cupcakes

Beautifully light, vanilla flavored sponge cupcakes, with a touch of raspberry jam in the center and sprinkled with icing sugar.

Allergens include:  wheat gluten, soya* (may contain traces of nuts) *these can be made with Almond Milk instead of Soya Milk


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Beetroot & Lemon Cupcakes

Beetroot, vanilla flavored sponge cupcakes, topped with a lemon zesty ‘butter’ cream.
Allergens include: wheat gluten, almond or soya milk*  (may contain traces of nuts)   *please ask prior to ordering


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Black Forest Cupcakes

Delicious, rich chocolate cupcakes filled with cherry jam and topped with icing sugar with a fresh cherry on top.

Allergens Include:  wheat gluten (may contain traces of nuts)


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Coffee & Walnut Cupcakes

Light and fluffy, coffee, walnut and brown sugar sponge cupcakes with a coffee buttercream walnut topping.

Allergens Include:  gluten wheat, soya*, walnuts,  (*can use almond milk if soya allergic)


To order, email or via our facebook page.   We take payment via paypal, however if you require another way to pay we will certainly see what we can do.

Remember we also send baked goods via post too 🙂

Paula x