Leftover Veg & Mushroom Curry with Cauliflower Rice

Now I’m not a ‘spicy’ kind of a gal – well not when it comes to a curry – yet this lovely curry made with my own fair hand has a pretty good kick to it.    The beauty of it is that you can add as much or as little of those little red suckers (chili that is) as you want, with even a few dried flakes as you taste!

The trick also is to not boil the curry, to cook is nice and slow on a medium heat to help it all infuse to create a wonderfully delicious vegetable curry – that and slinging in whatever veg you feel like as you go along!   As you know, nothing is wasted in my household and if there’s a mushroom or two going slightly slimy at the back of the fridge or a bendy withered carrot or two then they are going in too!

This dish will work with whatever veg you fancy, so go with it and enjoy!


Serves 4

What you’ll need:

The Vegetable Curry:

1 onion (red or white)
1 clove of garlic
a splash of oil
1 or 2 (whatever you fancy) chili (doesn’t have to be red) and/or a pinch of chili flakes
1 heaped teaspoon of ground cumin
1 heaped teaspoon of ground turmeric
250g of mushrooms
250g of whatever veg you fancy (I used a bag of frozen mixed veg)
a handful of fresh parsley
a handful of fresh coriander or dried stuff (that’s all I had)
200ml vegetable stock
400g can of tinned tomatos
400g can of coconut milk (or not if you don’t fancy it)
100g of fresh spinach

The Cauliflower Rice:

2 large cauliflowers (if going a little brown cut those bits off)
a splash of oil
a shake of dried coriander leaf

What you’ll need to do:

Peel and chop the onion and garlic, died the chili or chili’s and place in to a pan on a low heat with the oil.  Add the turmeric and cumin so they infuse with the onion and until softened.

Put in the vegetables, obviously washed and diced if required.  I put in whole button mushrooms and the bag of vegetables to give it a real mixture of size and texture.  Chop the herbs and sling in the pan too. Pour in the stock, and the coconut milk plus the chopped tomatoes and simmer it on a low heat – tasting as you go (I then added the extra chili flakes to make it a little bit hotter).

Simmer it all gently for around 30 minutes, adding more stock if it starts to dry (which shouldn’t happen due to the tomato’s and coconut milk).   Whilst this is simmering away make your cauliflower rice.

Break up the cauliflowers into small portions and then grate one piece of a time into a bowl – be aware this can get messy!  One grated, pour the oil into a wok once heated add the cauliflower a spoonful at a time.  Making sure you keep stiring so it doesn’t stick, making sure the cauliflower is cooked right through. To be honest, even if it’s a little bit raw it gives off a nice crunchy flavor.  Add the dried coriander and cook right through. Should only take 10 minutes to cook it all off.

Once cooked, divide onto 4 separate plates and add the curry on top.

You’re done!

Let me know how it goes, pictures please if you can via the Facebook Page 🙂


Paula x

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